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The Australian Women’s Weekly has a proud 89-year history of sharing authentic and important stories with and about women across the country. Known and trusted for its quality long-form journalism, tried and tested recipes and lifestyle advice that resonates with women across generations, The Weekly is a beloved part of the fabric of our nation. From respected royal reporting to riveting real-life stories and celebrity interviews you won’t find anywhere else, The Australian Women’s Weekly inspires, delights and informs in equal measures.
Editor in Chief

Nicole Byers

One of the joys of The Australian Women’s Weekly is its ability to engage with women of every age, tackling issues and topics that cross generations, postcodes and backgrounds. In response to our ever-changing world, we will focus on what’s important to women right now. This means more lifestyle content than ever before, including health features from the medical to the mindful, inclusive fashion and beauty that puts the joy back into how we care for and present ourselves, home and travel content to inspire, and recipes that cater to our changing palettes and preferences. Of course, we will also continue to deliver unparalleled royal coverage, exclusive celebrity interviews and heart-warming stories from everyday Australian women.
A message from the Editor

Merchandising Tips

How to merchandise The Australian Women's Weekly in your store
The prime category location for The Australian Women’s Weekly is at the front of the store. To gain additional sales, dual locate The Australian Women’s Weekly in a high-traffic location in your store, such as a promotional display end or at your register. The Australian Women’s Weekly customers also love The Australian Women’s Weekly Icons special magazine. To gain sales of this lovely collectible, position copies near the monthly magazine. To help customers know when the latest issue is on sale, place the point of sale that you receive via your Connections Point of Sale pack or with magazine stock on display.

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